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Minnesota Clay Graffito Paper

The principle behind Graffito is that works exactly like carbon paper. The Graffito sheets are embedded with a ceramic underglaze that will transfer to bisqueware when drawn upon using a pen or pencil. This means that any image or photograph can be transferred to your ceramic piece. All colors fire to Cone 8(except Rose Cone 4).
Our Graffito is AP (Non-Toxic)

Black Graffito Drawing

Minnesota Clay's Graffito Paper was featured on the ceramic arts daily website.

Minnesota Clay's Graffito Paper featured on Ceramic Arts Daily Website

December 19, 2011

Carbon Copy: New Transfer Paper Makes it Easy to Transfer Customized Underglaze Images
by Jessica Knapp   Read Comments (8)

From screenprinting to decals, there are many ways to transfer imagery onto pottery. There's a nifty new commercial product out now, which acts kind of like a rice paper decal, only you can customize the image. Graffito Paper, as it's called, is kind of like the clay world's equivalent to carbon paper. Our own Jessica Knapp recently tested out this cool new tool in our "Ceramic Test Kitchen." In the January/February 2012 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated, she shares her results. I thought I'd give you a sneak peek today!

Fired Blue Graffito
Layer Order Peal off Graffito MN Clay Graffito Kit ( all 6 colors)
Click here for detailed instructions of how to use graffito paper.  
Black Graffito Sample   Blue Graffito Sample  Brown Graffito Sample
Black Blue Brown
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Green Graffito Sample Orange Graffito Sample Red Graffito Sample
Green Orange Rose
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Teal Graffito Sample Turquoise Graffito Sample Violet Graffito Sample
Teal Turquoise Violet
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White Graffito Sample Yellow Graffito Sample Graffito Kit #1 Sample
White Yellow Graffito Kit #1
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  Graffito Kit #2 Sample  
  Graffito Kit #2  
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