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center your clay. the first time. everytime.

Centering clay on a potter's wheel has never been easier. Students can feel 'center' and develop confidence while successfully throwing on the wheel the very first time with the brent® QuickCenter.

Begin centering up to 4 pounds of clay in three easy steps:

  1. Load the Canister/Plunger with clay by pressing into wedged clay (see photo #1).
  2. Place the Universal Adaptor and Recessed Bat onto the wheel head using the QuickCenter bat pins (see photo #2).
  3. Center the Canister/Plunger into the Recessed Bat Set, release the clay and begin throwing (see photo #3).

The Quickcenter System Components:

  • Special Quickcenter Bat Set -- One universal adaptor and one recessed bat (14" diameter) with Quickcenter bat pins
  • Simple-to-use Quickcenter Canister/Plunger
  • Set of 5 FalseBottoms -- Only one false bottom is used at a time, which drops into the recessed bat . Four replacements are also included