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Description Ceramic Design Course is a complete course in designing ceramics with confidence. Focusing on the design process and principles of shape, form, surface, and function, it also includes practical instruction in studio techniques for transforming your ideas into reality. Ceramic craftsmen intent on making pottery for everyday use, as well as dedicated artisans concentrating on fine-art objects will find inspiration and practical instruction in this well-illustrated book.

Containing more than 400 instructive and inspiring color photos, this book features practical exercises for each stage in pottery design and construction, from working out a brief and seeking out inspiration, to drawing up technical plans and developing the design. Step-by-step tutorials take readers through each stage of the ceramic-making process and include:

  • A clearly illustrated summary of essential potter’s tools
  • Instruction on developing design concepts and making prototypes and technical drawings
  • Making models from drawings
  • Making sample pieces to test glazes, colors, and surfaces
  • Final design, creation of finished pieces, and development of a portfolio for presentation to buyers
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Softcover | 144 Pages
Order code CA156 | ISBN 978-0-7641-3733-4