Peter Pugger Pugmills   Bluebird Pugmills
Peter Pugger VPM30 Vacuum Power Wedger   Bluebird Model 800 Vacuum De-airing Pugmill
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The Peter Pugger Mixer is a unique self-unloading clay mixer with pugmill output.  Mixing and pugging are combined in a single machine to greatly reduce clay handling and increase efficiency.  Eliminates the expense of a separate mixing machine and pugmill.  In addition to mixing wet clay from dry rapidly and thoroughly, the machine is ideal for reclaiming scrap or combining scrap with new clay.  The Peter Pugger Mixer may be continuously fed like a conventional pugmill.  By clamping dies on the end of the nozzle, the machine may be used as a power extruder.   Manufacturers of the finest clay processing equipment in the industry.  Bluebird makes Pugmills, Deairing and Non-deairing models.
Shimpo Pugmills
 Shimpo NRA-04 Pugmill
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SHIMPO has a variety of high quality pugmills available to fit the needs of studio artists, classrooms, and professionals alike. SHIMPO pugmills are the most efficient and competitive on the market. So whatever your pugmill needs are, make it a SHIMPO! Select a pugmill model above for more details.