Kemper Wood Tools

Wood Modeling Tools
Made of rare hardwood: hand rubbed finish; consistent form and quality.
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Buy Now 8" WT2 8" WT2 KTWT2
Buy Now 6" WT3 6" WT3 KTWT3
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Buy Now 10" 404 10" 404 KT404

6" JA Wood Tools
These smooth, handcrafted modeling tools are made from the finest quality boxwood. They are used for smoothing, contouring, cutting, slicing and pattern decorating in soft clay.
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Buy Now 6" JA4 6" JA4 KTJA4
Buy Now 6" JA15 6" JA15 KTJA15
Buy Now 6" JA18 6" JA18 KTJA18
Buy Now 6" JA22 6" JA22 KTJA22
Buy Now 6" JA28 6" JA28 KTJA28
Buy Now 6" JA32 6" JA32 KTJA32
Buy Now 6" JA37 6" JA37 KTJA37
Buy Now 6" JA Wood Tool Set Set of 12 JA Wood Tools KTJAS

Sculptor's Thumb
Compact, Hand fitting tool for the clay modeler and sculptor. Permits thumb and index finger strokes without loss of dexterity.
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Buy Now Sculptor's Thumb Sculptor's Thumb KTSTH