Ceramic Tools

Kemper Tools

We carry all of their ceramic pottery tools.
  MKM Pottery Tools

We carry their ribs, throwing sticks, decorating discs and paddles.
Handcrafted for the Ceramic Arts for over 50 years. Today, KEMPER still stands for quality tools, superior service and affordable prices. We are proud to be a progressive company, bringing you new innovative art tools to craft the hand of the artist.     MKM Tools are developed and tested in Rick McKinney's studio, and among his studio mates and potter friends. MKM tools are intended to be innovative and high quality.

Dirty Girls Tools   Mudtools.
Dirty Girls Pottery Tools are designed for utility, comfort and durability. We carry the complete line of dirty girls pottert tools.   Mudtools' goal to offer you a tool that has a high performance quality, is pleasing to the hand and eye, and that you find indispensable. We carry their ribs, shredders, and cutting and carving bow


We carry their underglaze
applicators, textured rolling
pins and slab molds.

We have a wide variety of brushes

Amaco gives you all the tools you need to complete your ceramic project.   We carry general brushes, multi-head Hake, Hake, Bamboo Brushes, flat wash and synthetic sable nylon brushes.

Banding Wheels   Giffin Grip
We have a wide variety of banding wheels. We carry Amaco, Shimpo band wheels as well as CSI turntables.   Giffin Tec inc. is a family run business started in 1978 to manufacture Giffin Grips. We carry the Giffin Grip and its parts.

  Spray Guns & Air Brushes
We carry My Weigh Digital Scales.   We carry Critter, Paasche and K-Grip and parts and accessories for these items. 

Whips and Scoops   sponges
We have various sizes of stainless steel whips and aluminum scoops.   We carry a wide variety of natural, synthetic and silk sponges.

Jiffy Mixer   Tongs
We carry a number of jiffy mixer sizes.   We have a variety of glaze and raku tongs.

Rolling Pins   Containers
We have various sizes of rolling pins.   We sell buckets, bottles and jars to contain your ceramic items.

Sieves   Safety Equipment
We have the Talisman Sieve, studio and hand sieves.   We carry a variety of masks, gloves, aprons and shields.

Miscellaneous Tools  
We have ribs, shrinkage ruler, hydrometers, trim tools and many more ceramic items.