Kemper Sponges, Glaze Tongs & Raku Tongs

The KTSPG Sponge Holder is designed for getting your sponge into those hard to reach places. Approximately 13” long plus sponge. Replacement sponges are also available (KTSPR). The KTK33L Spongette is a tool designed for working inside deep or narrow necked shapes to remove excess water, and for smoothing hard to reach areas.
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Buy Now 2-3/4" Sponge 23/4" Sponge KTSPR
Buy Now SPG Sponge Holder SPG Sponge Holder KTSPG
Buy Now Spongette Spongette KTK33L

Glaze Tongs

Design of tongs allows clearance of large rims on heavy plates. Approximately 10” long.
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Buy Now Glaze Tongs Glaze Tongs KTDTA

Raku Tongs

These tongs have tubular steel handles for lighter handling with solid steel gripping bar in the workcrossing area. KTRK45 jaw is steel toothed for better gripping.
    Description Code
Buy Now RK37 41"L x 37° RK37 41"L x 37° KTRK37
Buy Now RK45 31-1/2"L x 45° RK45 311/2"L x 45° KTRK45