Kemper Kits & Misc. Tools

Kemper Tool Kit
Eight basic tools to help the beginning potter. Includes: wooden rib, steel scraper, KTWT6, KTPRO tool, ribbon tool, KTLT5loop tool, sponge and wire clay cutter.
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Buy Now Kemper Tool Kit Kemper Tool Kit KTPTK

Ceramic Tool Kit
Seven of the most popular and practical Kemper tools for ceramists. Good for beginners and professionals. Ideal for classroom use. Complete kit contains in each: wire loop sgraffito, cleanup tool, cut-out tool, palette knife, lace tool, saber saw, salt and pepper drill. Kit is packaged in a reusable plastic tray.
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Buy Now Ceramic Tool Kit Ceramic Tool Kit KTCTK7

Clean Up Brush 
Double ended. Great for finishing greenware.
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Buy Now Clean Up Brush Clean Up Brush KTCUB

Wipe Out Tool 
Flexible rubber tipped tool for fine detail work on soft clay. Can also be used as a painting tool. 
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Buy Now Wipe Out Tool Wipe Out Tool KTWOT

Throwing Sticks 
Throwing sticks aid in shaping and compressing deep and narrow-necked thrown pieces. 121/2" in length. 
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Buy Now TS1 Throwing Stick 1-1/2"  TS1 Throwing Stick 11/2" KTTS1
Buy Now TS2 Throwing Stick 1-1/4" TS2 Throwing Stick 11/4" KTTS2

Turning Tools
Designed with narrow shafts to allow use at any angle. Hardened steel heads keep their edges longer. Approximate length: 63/8" to 61/2".
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Buy Now TT1 Turning Tool TT1 Turning Tool KTTT1
Buy Now TT2 Turning Tool TT2 Turning Tool KTTT2
Buy Now TT3 Turning Tool TT3 Turning Tool KTTT3
Buy Now TT4 Turning Tool TT4 Turning Tool KTTT4
Buy Now TT5 Turning Tool TT5 Turning Tool KTTT5

Rubber Scrubbers 
The rubber scrubber is especially popular for smoothing and clean-up. 3" square, 1/2" thick. Soft sponge coated on one side with 100 grit flexible abrasive for ceramics and pottery, or a 200 grit for porcelain ware. 
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Buy Now 100 Grit Scrubber 100 Grit Scrubber KTRS100
Buy Now 220 Grit Scrubber 220 Grit Scrubber KTRS220 

Klay Gun 
A tool used to force soft clay through various shaped dies. The extruded clay shapes can be used for any number of decorative effects-hair, grass, flowers, rope, vines etc. comes with a set of 19 discs. The Klay Gun is constructed of sturdy dies cast zinc alloy 4" long. 
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Buy Now Klay Gun with 19 Discs Klay Gun with 19 Discs KTK45
Buy Now Replacement Discs Replacement Discs KTK45D

Pattern Cutters Pattern Cutter
Use as you would cookie cutters on clay or dough. Create petals for flowers and other adornments for ceramic containers; also cut through patterns in clay walls. Each cutter is equipped with a spring-return plunger for ejecting the clay cut-out 
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Buy Now PCSB 3/4" Pattern Cutters PCSB 3/4" Pattern Cutters KTPCSB
Buy Now PCS1 1/2" Pattern Cutters PCS1 1/2" Pattern Cutters KTPCS1 
Buy Now PCS3 3/8" Pattern Cutters PCS3 3/8" Pattern Cutters KTPCS3 

Slip Trailing Bottle 
4 oz. bottle with tow tips; one 3/8" wide ribbon tip and a small round tip which can be cut to a desired opening diameter. These bottles can be used in conjunction with Minnesota Clay's Potter Slip. 
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Buy Now Slip Trailing Bottle Slip Trailing Bottle KTSTB

Pot Lifts
Easily remove thrown pieces from from high strength aluminum alloy-lightweight yet strong. Sold in pairs. Click here for a set of the Pot lifts.

Click here for a set of the Pot lifts
6" Wide Pot Lift

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Buy Now 6" Wide Pot Lift 6" Wide Pot Lift KTPL1
Buy Now 5" Wide Pot Lift 5" Wide Pot Lift KTPL2
Buy Now 4" Wide Pot Lift 4" Wide Pot Lift KTPL3

Aluminum Calipers
With locking wing nut to secure a particular measurement. It can be used to measure inside or outside dimensions of thrown work.
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Buy Now 8" Aluminum Caliper 8" Aluminum Caliper KTAL8
Buy Now 10" Aluminum Caliper 10" Caliper KTAL10
Buy Now 12" Aluminum Caliper 12" Caliper KTAL12

Pottery Paddle
This imported wooden paddle measures 101/4” from end to end, a paddle width of 31/2” at the widest part of the paddle, with a 3” wide end. Use when throwing clay on the wheel.
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Buy Now Pottery Paddle Pottery Paddle KTPAD35

Stilt Mark Stone
Within seconds you can remove unsightly lines and marks left after fi ring. 4” long made out of aloxite.
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Buy Now Stilt Mark Stone Stilt Mark Stone KTSMS