Kemper Cutting & Piercing Tools

Clay Cutters
Ideal for slicing and cutting lump clay, as well as trimming pots and other projects on the wheel. Hardwood 3" toggle handles are firmly fastened to approximately 18" wire/line. The K35 wire is quality stainless steel with a high-strength braided nylon cord is used for the K36
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Buy Now K35 18" Stainless Steel Wire K35 18" Stainless Steel Wire KTK35
Buy Now K36 Nylon Cord K36 Nylon Cord KTK36
Buy Now K38 38" Stainless Steel Wire K38 38" Stainless Steel Wire KTK38

Heavy Duty Cut-out Tool
A rigid, thin, tapered steel blade knife set firmly in a hardwood handle. Good for trimming and making cut-out patterns.
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Buy Now Heavy Duty Cut-out Tool Heavy Duty Cut-out Tool KTCOH

Cut-out Tool
A thin double-edged steel blade for thinwalled and delicate work. Blade is double-edged to permit reverse cuts and steady control of the tools.
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Buy Now Cut-out Tool Cut-out Tool KTCOR

Fettling Knives
Wood handles. F96 has a soft metal blade that will bend into any shape. F97 has a hard metal blade that will flex but maintain its straight edge.
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Buy Now Fettling Knife F96 Fettling Knife F96 KTF96
Buy Now Fettling Knife F97 Fettling Knife F97 KTF97

Commercial Trim Knife
Heavy duty 7" knife especially for trimming potter and ceramic pieces. "File-hard" steel blade for extended use with abrasive materials.
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Buy Now Commercial Trim Knife Commercial Trim Knife KTTRM

Saber Saw
Used to make cutout designs in greenware, this tool is best suited for straight lines. 53/8" in length.
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Buy Now Saber Saw Saber Saw KTSBR

Ball Stylus Tools 
Excellent for sgraffito. Ball variations on each end made of stainless steel, treated for hardness and set in hardwood hand. 51/2" in length.
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Buy Now DBS .045 & .072 mm. tips   DBS .045 & .072 mm. tips  KTDBS
Buy Now DBS .030 & .045 mm. tips    DBS .030 & .045 mm. tips   KTDBSS

Wire Loop Sgraffito 
Small wire loops provide variations of line width within a single stroke. Furrow created by the loops is smooth and does not exhibit the flakiness  usually  associated with other sgraffito methods. 6" in length.
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Buy Now Wire Loop Sgraffito Wire Loop Sgraffito KTWLS

Clean-up & Sgraffito Tool 
Stainless steel ends set in hardwood blades. Sgraffito blade can produce a wide variety of lines with a double cutting edge.
Click here for a set of 3 Clean-up & Sgraffito tools.
Clean Up & Sgraffito Tool Set
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Buy Now  Clean-up & Sgraffito Tool   Clean-up & Sgraffito Tool  KTB3

Salt & Pepper Drill 
This tool makes the right size holes in greenware for salt & pepper shakers. 61/4" in length. 
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Buy Now Salt & Pepper Drill  Salt & Pepper Drill KTSPD

Needle Tools 
Cutoff Needle is lighter than the Pro-Tool. the Sheffield steel needle is firmly set in a wood handle. The Pro-Tool is an all metal heavy duty needle and 6 5/8" in length. the Piercing tool is a versatile multi-purpose tool firmly set in a hard wood handle.
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Buy Now Cutoff Needle  Cutoff Needle KTPCN
Buy Now Pro-Tool  Pro-Tool KTPRO
Buy Now Piercing Tool  Piercing Tool KTPT1
Buy Now Heavy Duty Needle Heavy Duty Needle KTPNH

Incising Tools 
A fine blade and needle point set in hardwood handle. Useful for detail and relief work.
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Buy Now Incising Tool  Incising Tool KTK25

Lace Tool
This sharp needle is for placement of lace and the curved blade assists pressing and cleanup.
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Buy Now Lace Tool  Lace Tool KTK21

Wire Stylus
A versatile tool for incising greenware. the small wire loop, set firmly in a hardwood handle, allows various size furrows. 6" in length.
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Buy Now Wire Stylus Wire Stylus KTWS 

Scratch Wire Brush
One stroke is all it takes to make multiple fine lines with these angled bristle.
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Buy Now Scratch Wire Brush Scratch Wire Brush KTSWB

Drill Tool
Rotate drill with light pressure until desired hole diameter is chieved. 1/8” to 3/4” are ideal for use on greenware.
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Buy Now Drill Tool Drill Tool KTMDT