Slab Rollers

Brent Slab Rollers   North Star Slab Rollers
Brent SR-14 Slab Roller    North Star 24" Slab Roller
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Brent slab rollers are built for strength and years of service and are available in three table models and two floor models.  Schools, professional potters, and production artists roll out even clay slabs to make tiles for murals, glaze tests, plates, bowls, home decor installations, even illustrated clay comic strips!. Across heavy-duty  2-ply canvas tops, opposing rollers produce slabs up to 36" wide by 52" long (SR-36). All North Star slab rollers have two rolls, much like the wringer of an old-fashioned washing machine.  Both rolls have a small diamond pattern("knurling") machined directly into the metal to grip the canvas.  The bottom roll is turned by the handle, but cannot move vertically.  As it turns, it drives the top roll through a train of gears.  The upper roll both turns and can be adjusted up and down.  The two rolls turning together pull slabs through easily, and the vertical adjustment of the top roll gives an easy-to-set and infinitely adjustable thickness from paper-thin to over 2 inches.  A reference scale allows setting and repeating openings to within 1/100 of an inch.
Shimpo Ceramics
Shimpo Slab Roller 
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SHIMPO has two high quality Slab Rollers available to fit the needs of studio artists, classrooms, and professionals alike. So whatever your Slab Rollers needs are, make it a SHIMPO! Select a Slab Rollers model above for more details.