Talisman Sieves
A tapered spun plastic body designed to fit most pails. Excellent for wet or dry screening with a top-crank manual operation. A real time saver! Comes with a 60 mesh screen. Other screen meshes are available as a replacement screens. Repair parts available.
    Description Code
Buy Now Talisman Sieve Talisman Sieve with 60 mesh screen WWTS60
Buy Now Talisman 40 mesh replacement screen 40 mesh replacement screen WWRS40
Buy Now Talisman 60 mesh replacement screen 60 mesh replacement screen WWRS60
Buy Now Talisman 80 mesh replacement screen 80 mesh replacement screen WWRS80
Buy Now Talisman 100 mesh replacement screen 100 mesh replacement screen WWRS100
Buy Now Talisman 120 mesh replacement screen 120 mesh replacement screen WWRS120
Buy Now Talisman 150 mesh replacement screen 150 mesh replacement screen WWRS150
Buy Now Talisman 200 mesh replacement screen 200 mesh replacement screen WWRS200
Buy Now Talisman brush holder replacement Brush holder replacement WWHOLDER
Buy Now Talisman individual brush replacement Individual brush replacement WWTSRB

Studio Sieves
Metal cloth, plastic frames. No square corners so they’re easy to clean. Fits on a 5 gallon bucket or smaller. Manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee against separation between mesh and frame. Rustproof.
    Description Code
Buy Now 30 mesh studio sieve 30 mesh studio sieve SS30M
Buy Now 60 mesh studio sieve 60 mesh studio sieve SS60M
Buy Now 80 mesh studio sieve 80 mesh studio sieve SS80M
Buy Now 100 mesh studio sieve 100 mesh studio sieve SS100M

Hand Sieves
14” sieves with 7” screens. Comes in 60, 80 and 100 mesh. Now available is a rotary attachment to speed up the screening process.
    Description Code
Buy Now 60 mesh hand sieve 60 mesh hand sieve PS060
Buy Now 80 mesh hand sieve 80 mesh hand sieve PS080
Buy Now 100 mesh hand sieve 100 mesh hand sieve PS100
Buy Now All 3 mesh hand sieves All 3 mesh hand sieves PSALL
Buy Now Rotary Attachment for hand sieves Rotary Attachment for hand sieves PSRSX