Kemper Hole Cutters & Hole Punchers

Hole Cutters
An easy method to achieve clean holes in your thick walled greenware. Cutting ends are sharpened polished brass. KTHC1, 1A and 2 have smooth hardwood handles; KTHC3 and 4 are all metal with plastic end caps.
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Buy Now HC1 3/16" HC1 3/16" KTHC1
Buy Now HC1A 1/4" HC1A 1/4" KTHC1A
Buy Now HC2 5/16" HC2 5/16" KTHC2
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Hole Punchers
Excellent for cutting potpourri holes, Christmas tree holes and more, the tubes have spring loaded aluminum rods which eject the clay. These punches are made with brass tubes set in a hardwood handle.
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Buy Now HCP1 3/16" HCP1 3/16" KTHCP1
Buy Now HCP2 1/4" HCP2 1/4" KTHCP2