Pottery Wheels

Brent Wheels   Shimpo Logo 
Brent Model B   Shimpo VL Whisper
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Brent wheels have set the standard for quality since 1969. During that time, they have earned a reputation for dependability that is unsurpassed by other brands. Each wheel is built with materials, components and workmanship designed to take the punishment of classroom and studio use over the long haul.   Shimpo Ceramics, a division of Nidec-Shimpo America Corporation, manufactures and distributes pottery wheels worldwide to the satisfaction of artists, teachers, students and businesses of all cultures. For nearly half a century they have been committed to continuing global traditions in making ceramic products for use in the home, in architecture and as art.
Skutt Wheels:Thomas Stuart Signature Series   Speedball Logo
Skutt Potter's Wheels - Thomas Stuart Signature Series speedball Industries Wheels
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Whatever you create, Skutt Potter's Wheels Thomas Stuart Signature Series help bring it to life. Whether you need a potter's wheel for a Pottery Studio, potter's wheels for Classrooms, potter's wheels for Contemporary Studios, ...we have the potter's wheels for you. People who require quality use Skutt Potter's Wheels Thomas Stuart Signature Series. Electric wheels, kick wheels, stands, and ware carts built for any studio.


Speedball products have always had strong warranty support, most at 5 year warranties, and have led the way in providing clay centering power for your dollar invested on all of their wheels at all levels compared to their competition.

pacifica Wheels    
Pacifica GT 400 Pottery Wheel   Lockerbie Logo
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Since their inception in 1972, Pacifica Potter's Wheels have been considered by thousands of experienced potters and instructors to be the best wheel value on the market. No gimmicks, just solid, dependable construction and super reliable electronics make Pacifica the potter's choice. Total Satisfaction Guarantee.   The Lockerbie, like many of today's potters, was conceived in the 60's. You will find the original, earth friendly, Lockerbie design just as groovy today.



Wheel Parts

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Minnesota Clay carries Brent Plasti-Bats, Speedball Arts' Bats and North Star Bats. We also have specialty bat items like the Brent Adapt-a-Bat, the North Star Universal Bat Package, the Foam Triming Bat and the Griding Disc.   Minnesota Clay carries pottery wheel parts for Brent, Shimpo, Skutt and many more. If the part you need and it is not listed please call 800-252-9872 to see if you can get your part.