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Name Number 1 w/Mang Cone 6 Clay
Description Adding a small percentage of granular manganese to the stoneware gives a dark speckling in the body and through the glaze. As manganese is gaseous at higher temperatures, we also recommend a lighter reducing atmosphere and slightly cooler firing to avoid trapped surface gases that can cause bubbling.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 6-9, 2232-2300° F
Shrinkage Cone 6 - 13%, Cone 9 - 14%
Absorption Cone 6 - 4.1%, Cone 9 - 2.6%
Texture Medium
Best Use Throwing and Hand building
Color Brown - Oxidation, Deep brown - Reduction
Qualities Manganese Spots
Glazes Use glazes that mature between cone 5 and 8. (Minnesota Clay Premium Stoneware Glazes)
HG-Series, SG-Series, BT-Series, HM-Series, & NG-Series
Other Information The "Glazes" section lists the compatible kinds of glazes for this clay, along with what cone you can fire to and still be in the correct temperature range for both this clay body and the particular glaze.

Contains Manganese
Proper kiln ventilation is required to maintain a healthy working environment free from harmful manganese fumes.
Warranty Because of the unavoidable variations in the natural material used to formulate clay as well as the uniqueness of each customers use, firing techniques and kiln environment, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TEST–FIRE BEFORE USING IN PRODUCTION.