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Here’s what Bill has to say:

“Though I don’t use glaze tongs often, when I do these dipping tongs are the ones I go to.  My students love them and I often hear, “They hold the pot so securely.  I don’t ever feel I’m going to drop the pot into the glaze!

The tongs are adjustable as you move from glazing small to large pots.  Locking the tongs in varying positions allows you to grasp a small pot near the rim or readjust the lock position for a secure ‘grab’ further own the wall of the piece… a distinct advantage!”

And here’s what the designer of the tool, Bob Sorg, Jr. of Brown Tool Co. has to say:

“To use the tongs: Simply adjust one of the five positions that is most comfortable for your hand.  (In most cases this will be at the bottom of the slot, positions #4 or #5.)

It is best to grasp the piece in such a manner that allows it to be immersed into the glaze container at an angle.  When extracting the submerged piece, also bring it up, through the glaze and out at an angle so the glaze inside will begin to flow out and back into the glaze bucket, thus reducing the weight and pressure on the piece being extracted.  When glazing pitchers, bottle forms, large bowls and narrow neck vessels, plunge your free hand into the glaze, and then use both your hand and the tongs to turn the pot and empty the glaze from the inside.  The glaze will usually flow into the areas where the tong tips were in contact with the pot.  If it does not, it is a simple matter to rub the spots with your finger when the glaze has dried or touch them up with a drop of the glaze.

You will find these tongs very useful if you apply your glazes by pouring, instead of or in conjunction with dipping.”

Made of cast steel with rubberized handles and hot rolled steel tips.  

(Remove and discard plastic tip protectors before using the glazing tongs.)

Size: 10½” length x 3 ½” width

Made in USA