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Name 22"x10-1/2"x5/8" 10-SIDED HALF CORELITE KILN SHELF

10-SIDED HALF SHELF. Fits 10-sided kilns with 2-1/2" kiln brick.

Corelite Kiln shelves are semi-hollow making them much lighter saving you on shipping and saving you wear and tear on your back. These kiln shelves, last longer, warp less and use less energy in your kiln.

CoreLite Advantages
  • Less back strain and fatigue
  • Lower firing cost
  • Lower shipping cost
  • Each shelf is ground top and bottom for perfect flatness
  • Ware keeps its shape while firing, especially tile
  • Less warpage
  • Less likely to propagate cracks thru cores
  • More firing cycles
Technical Specifications
Al2O3 48.75%
SiO2 44.40%
Fe2O3 0.86%
MgO 4.61%
TiO2 0.47%
CaO 0.07%
Na2O + K2O 0.84%
Thermal Shock Resistance Excellent
Maximum Working Temperature 2336°F
Thermal Expansion 1.06 x 10-6 in/in/°F
Apparent Specific Density 129 pcf
Apparent Porosity 21.50%
Water Absorption 10.40%
Modulus of Rupture >2175 psi
Other Information We suggest using three posts per shelf for stability.

Always try to stack each layer of posts directly above each other so that the weight of all shelves rests on the kiln floor and not on the shelf below.

Kiln wash is used to protect shelves from glaze drips and contact sticking (when the unglazed “foot” of a pot fuses to the shelf during firing due to the degree of melt reached in the clay body itself).

These shelves are extruded with openings through the interior and each shelf is ground on both the top and bottom for sheer flatness.

They can be fired up to Cone 9 safely. Multiple high temp firings pushing to Cone 10 are not recommended.

Not recommended for raku, wood, or salt firings.
Warranty Please note: there is no warranty on refractories!

There are many factors that can cause shelves to fail over which we have no control. It is the nature of the material. Other than shipping damages, no claims can be made.