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Name HYDRO-BAT 12.5"

The classic 12.5" Hydrobat is our most popular size by far. It fits a standard wheelhead with bat pins 10" apart. All Hydrobats are made from hydrostone plaster to absorb moisture like regular pottery plaster but with extra strength to prevent chips and cracks.

The Hydro-Bat is made of Hydro-Stone, a gypsum cement nearly ten times stronger than conventional pottery plaster. They Hydro-Bat eliminates the need for wiring off your work by absorbing moisture out of the bottom of your thrown form. Hard rubber grommets cast into the underneath side of the bat will not swell or change shape.

These bats are designed to fit snuggly on the standard bat which is 3/8” wide. The 12.5” and 14” fit on wheel heads with pins spaced 10” apart.