Lizella Red Clay

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Name Lizella Red Clay

A red burning clay from Lizella, Georgia (raw color is light green). This material is sometimes cited as a substitute for Redart in bodies, but such is not the case. Compared to Redart, it has a higher drying shrinkage (6.5% vs. 5.5%), it is more plastic (thus more prone to cracking during drying) and the iron content is lower (5% vs. 7%). As far as fired maturity, these materials are not even close. At cone 4, for example, Lizella has around 11% porosity vs. almost zero for Redart, and 4% fired shrinkage vs. 8% for Redart. Lizella stays stable all the way to cone 10 oxidation (where it has about 3% porosity and 6% fired shrinage and fires deep red).

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