R-13 SMOKEY BLUE Pint Amaco Glaze

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Name R-13 SMOKEY BLUE Pint Amaco Glaze
Description These glazes will produce a very dramatic effect when reduced after the RAKU firing. Remember that these glazes need to be fired to their recommmended temperature of Cone 05 (1911°F, 1044°C). Once they reach temperature, turn off the kiln; let it cool to about 1700°F, 944°C before you pull the pieces out of the kiln with the tongs. You must protect yourself from the heat when you open the kiln at that high of a temperature. Therefore, wear heat and fireproof protective clothing, use high temperature gloves, and an appropriate respirator to protect from smoke. If you are using an electric kiln, never pull material out of the kiln unless the kiln is turned off.
Temperature Range Low Fire (Cone 05)
Color Blue