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Name SKUTT KS-818 240V 1PH KILN
Description This small octagonal kiln is similar to the original Skutt kiln that started it all, and it has long been revered as the work-horse of the small studio. Its Cone 10 capability and expandable design have made the KS-818 the most popular of our smaller models. You can order the KS-818 with a permanent 9" Wired Ring and fire to Cone 10. For really tall pieces, add a 4-1/2" blank ring to fire a 30" piece to Cone 1. Where energy saving is important, this series can be ordered with a 3" firebrick. Invest in the KS-818 and you will fire happily for decades
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Kiln Controller Type Kiln Sitter Controller
Timer Included