SKUTT KS-1018-3" 240V 1PH KILN

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Name SKUTT KS-1018-3" 240V 1PH KILN
Description Here is the wide-mouth capacity of a 10-sided kiln with the loading ease of a 2-section kiln. Capable of firing to Cone 10, these kilns are perfect for firing fragile porcelain ware. KS-1018's are also excellent for firing heavy stoneware pieces that are difficult to lift out of deeper kilns. Although similar capacity is available in our 8-sided kilns, many users prefer our KS-1018's because they are so convenient. And you can still add a 4-1/2" blank ring for increased Cone 1 capacity
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Kiln Controller Type Kiln Sitter Controller
Timer Included