Underglaze Class 12 Pack Pints

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Name Underglaze Class 12 Pack Pints
Description Our twelve pack of underglazes fire from Cone 06 to 9. Underglaze looks vary from low to high fire. Underglaze may be blended to create intermediate colors. Underglazes have a matte finish. Add clear glaze over piece to create a glossy look. Pack consists of Black, Blue, Green, Bright Red, White, Yellow, Brilliant Orange, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Brown, Pink and Lavender Underglazes.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 06-9, 1828-2300° F
Best Use Apply to greenware or bisqueware.
Color Various Colors
Qualities Opaque and Matte
Glazes Clear or Transparent Glaze
Other Information Apply a clear glaze over the underglaze for a foodsafe surface.