Underglaze Class 12 Pack 2 oz.

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Name Underglaze Class 12 Pack 2 oz.
Description Our twelve pack of underglazes fire from Cone 06 to 9. Underglaze looks vary from low to high fire. Underglaze may be blended to create intermediate colors. Underglazes have a matte finish. Add clear glaze over piece to create a glossy look. Pack consists of Black, Blue, Green, Bright Red, White, Yellow, Brilliant Orange, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Brown, Pink and Lavender Underglazes.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 06-9, 1828-2300° F
Best Use Apply to greenware or bisqueware.
Color Various Colors
Qualities Opaque and Matte
Glazes Clear or Transparent Glaze
Other Information Apply a clear glaze over the underglaze for a foodsafe surface.