Potter's Pen Complete Pack

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Name Potter's Pen Complete Pack
Description An Artist can draw on bisqueware and cover with a clear glaze using our underglaze Potter's Pens, Pack consists of Black, Blue, Green, Bright Red, White, Yellow, Brilliant Orange, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Brown, Pink, Lavender, Baby Blue, Gold, Gray, Chartreuse, Terra Cotta, Violet, Teal and Wax Resist Potter's Pens.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 06-8, 1828-2280° F except Rose which fires Cone 06-4, 1828-2124° F
Best Use Applied to bisqueware with a clear glaze covering.
Color Multiple Colors
Qualities Opaque and Matte
Glazes Clear or Transparent Glaze
Other Information Apply a clear glaze over the underglaze for a foodsafe surface.