Mason Delphinium Stain

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Name Mason Delphinium Stain
Description Cobalt Tin Alumina Blue Spinel, an inorganic pigment, is the reaction product of high temperature calcination in which Aluminum (III) Oxide, Cobalt (II) Oxide, and Tin (IV) Oxide in varying amounts are homogeneously and ionically interdiffused to form a crystalline matrix of spinel. Its composition may include either one or both of the modifiers SiO2, or ZnO.
Other Information Stains are man-made colored powders used in glazes, bodies and engobes. They are manufactured by sintering (or even melting) components in special furnaces at high temperatures, this process renders them stable against dissolving in glaze melts or melting (unlike the metal oxides from which they are made). After firing the material is ground in such a way as to control the particle size within a specific range (often unique to each type of stain). Some stains are also acid washed after grinding. Different types of stains have differing levels of stability against temperature. For many colors there are a variety of stain chemistries that can produce it, each has advantages and disadvantages. Some colors, however, can only be made use one specific technology or chemistry. Many stains require a specific chemistry in the host glaze to develop the color.
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