Cobalt Carbonate

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Name Cobalt Carbonate

A pinkish tan powder. It is a strong colorant and almost always produces blue in glazes (unless in very high percentages where it is black). Cobalt carbonate is an extremely active melter (even more than cobalt oxide), in a mix of 50% Ferro frit 3134 it will boil at cone 6. The carbonate form of cobalt is very fine grained and disperses better in the glaze slurry and the glaze melt. This gives cobalt carbonate a more evenly distributed color than cobalt oxide. However, as with any carbonate, it produces gases as it decomposes and these can cause pinholes or blisters in glazes if they need to escape at the time when the glaze needs to solidify. Also the carbonate form contains less cobalt per gram, therefore colors are less intense than the oxide form (63% CoO vs. cobalt oxide which is 100% CoO).