Darvan 7

Product Code: DVAN7


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DVAN7-11# DARVAN 7 DRY$15.5000 $0.00
DVAN7-2525# DARVAN 7 DRY$247.9500 $0.00
DVAN7-55# DARVAN 7 DRY$56.9500 $0.00
DVAN7-GDARVAN 7 GALLON$54.9500 $0.00
DVAN7-PDARVAN 7 PINT$9.9500 $0.00
DVAN7-QDARVAN 7 QUART$14.9500 $0.00

Name Darvan 7
Description Darvan is a deflocculant and used to disperse ceramic suspensions to minimize their water content. It is a liquid alternative to the long popular sodium silicate. About twice as much is required typically (0.4-0.5%) however Darvan does offer a number of advantages. Typically soda ash is not needed as a complement and Darvan does not attack plaster molds. In addition slurries are much less sensitive to over deflocculation and are more stable. It is thus easier to reprocess scrap. However a number of engineers still prefer using a sodium silicate:soda ash mix to control thixotropic properties better, especially if little scrap is being added.