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Product Code: GB

ProductDescriptionPriceQuantityExt. Price  
GB-2525# GILLESPIE BORATE$36.9500 $0.00
GB-55# GILLESPIE BORATE$10.5000 $0.00
GB-5050# GILLESPIE BORATE$61.9500 $0.00

Name Gillespie Borate

Gillespie Borate™ is a blended borate mineral for use in glaze formulas replacing Gerstley Borate on a pound for pound basis.

Gillespie borate was developed through a careful formulation process that has resulted in a virtual chemical match to Gerstely borate. Gillespie Borate is a mixture of ulexite (Na2O.2CaO.5B2O3.16H2O) blended with various clay minerals and alkaline earth carbonates and silicates, contains approximately 25% B2O3, 23% CaO, 4% total alkali and 31% loss on ignition.