Molochite 50-80 mesh

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MOLOC50-2525# MOLOCHITE 50-80 MESH PORCELAIN GROG$83.9500 $0.00 No
MOLOC50-55# MOLOCHITE 50-80 MESH PORCELAIN GROG$24.9500 $0.00 No
MOLOC50-5555# MOLOCHITE 50-80 MESH PORCELAIN GROG$162.9500 $0.00 No

Name Molochite 50-80 mesh

Molochite is highly calcined low iron mineral consisting of 55% Mullite and 45% amorphous glass. This material is very white in color and ground to a number of specifications. It is an excellent addition to porcelains as a grog material.

Molochite can be used individually or in combination but seldom totaling more than 40% of the total clay body weight. Courser material is generally used for larger more textured work, finer for smaller smoother works.

Ship Weight 55 lb. bag