Nickel Oxide Green

Product Code: NIOX


ProductDescriptionPriceQuantityExt. Price  
NIOX-11# NICKEL OXIDE GREEN$58.9500 $0.00
NIOX-55# NICKEL OXIDE GREEN$251.9500 $0.00
NIOX-H1/2# NICKEL OXIDE GREEN$34.9500 $0.00

Name Nickel Oxide Green

A powerful and refractory colorant that produces greys, blues, and yellows. It is more concentrated than nickel carbonate and as little as .02% gives a noticeable tint. Normal additions are 2-5%.

Typical grades are 75-77% nickel metal with trace elements (0.0001-0.01%) of cobalt, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium, sodium and sulfur and chloride volatiles. Particle sizes can be very fine, down to 5 microns (below 325 mesh). It is insoluble in water and soluble in acids

It can also soften and mute more intense colorants such as copper and cobalt.
It is refractory and can raise the melting temperature of glazes if used in large amounts.