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Product Code: UMBER

ProductDescriptionPriceQuantityExt. Price  
UMBER-11# BURNT UMBER$8.9500 $0.00
UMBER-2525# BURNT UMBER$116.9500 $0.00
UMBER-55# BURNT UMBER$27.9500 $0.00
UMBER-5050# BURNT UMBER$209.9500 $0.00

Name Burnt Umber

Umber is a hydrated iron oxide that also contains significant manganese, calcia and silica. The calcined (burnt) form has a higher proportion of iron. The material is used to darken the fired color of clay bodies.

Burnt umber can be any of a variety of natural and synthetic iron oxides. A variety of impurities are common (especially manganese).