Amaco LG-Series Low Fire Glazes

Amaco Gloss Glazes flow slightly during firing to achieve a smooth, high gloss finish. Firing range is Cone 06-04.

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Amaco LG-1 Black Magic Amaco LG-2 Black Luster Amaco LG-10 Clear Transparent Amaco LG-11 Opaque White Amaco LG-14 Gray
Black Magic
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Black Luster
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Clear Transparent
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Opaque White
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Amaco LG-20 Medium Blue Amaco LG-21 Dark Blue Amaco LG-23 Robin's Egg Amaco LG-24 Light Blue Amaco LG-25 Turquoise Green
Medium Blue
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Dark Blue
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Robin's Egg
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Light Blue
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Turquoise Green
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Amaco LG-26 Turquoise Amaco LG-27 Turquoise Crackle Amaco LG-30 Chocolate Brown Amaco LG-32 Metallic Brown Amaco LG-34 Red Brown
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Turquoise Crackle
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Chocolate Brown
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Metallic Brown
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Red Brown
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Amaco LG-36 Freckled Brown Amaco LG-40 Dark Green Amaco LG-42 Light Green Amaco LG-44 Olive Green Amaco LG-Emerald Green
Freckled Brown
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Dark Green
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Light Green
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Olive Green
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Emerald Green
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Amaco LG-46 Leaf Green Amaco LG-48 Chrome Green Amaco LG-50 Maroon Amaco LG-51 Lilac Amaco LG-52 Petal Pink
Leaf Green
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Chrome Green
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Petal Pink
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Amaco LG-54 Mulberry Red Amaco LG-55 Purple Amaco LG-57 Intense Red Amaco LG-58 Brilliant Red Amaco LG-59 Hot Red
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Intense Red
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Brilliant Red
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Hot Red
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Amaco LG-60 Dark Yellow Amaco LG-61 Canary Yellow Amaco LG-62 Light Yellow Amaco LG-63 Brilliant Yellow Amaco LG-65 Amber
Dark Yellow
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Canary Yellow
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Light Yellow
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Brilliant Yellow
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Amaco LG-67 Fire Orange Amaco LG-68 Vivid Orange Amaco LG-760 Pale Yellow Amaco LG-11 & LT-3
Amaco vase with LG-11,
LT-3 & wax resist technique
Fire Orange
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Vivid Orange
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Pale Yellow
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More Information:

For a clear, all-over, covering glaze, you have a choice of LG-9 lead containing glaze or LG-10 lead free. LG-10 has a smooth and high gloss surface. Make sure it reaches a mature witness Cone 05 (1915°F, 1046°C). You might apply it thinner than usual for best results. Two coats are usually enough.

LG-9 Clear glaze is a lead-containing glaze. Precautions in handling should be taken. Read label before using. LG-9 is a beautiful glaze and is very forgiving in firing, however, for best results a mature Cone 05 (1915°F, 1046°C) firing is recommended.

Clear glaze can be used over the AMACO LUG series, Velvet, Velvet-1-Strokes, Designer Velvet and over the GDC Gloss decorating colors. When gloss decorating colors are used over bisque, they need a clear gloss over them, which is applied at the same time and fired once. LG-11, Opaque White, is the whitest and most opaque of our white glazes. It can be used for the Majolica technique (see Underglazes/Gloss Decorating Colors).

All AMACO glazes are formulated for brushing, however if pouring, sponging or dipping techniques are used for lead containing glazes, we recommend using rubber gloves, so that glaze will not get on your hands and run the risk of hand to mouth contamination and ingestion of lead.

AP Reds and Oranges
LG-57 Intense Red, LG-58 Brilliant Red, LG-59 Hot Red, LG-63 Brilliant Yellow, LG-67 Fire Orange, and LG-68 Vivid Orange are a new group of bright glazes that are lead free and dinnerware safe. Unlike the lead containing glazes, they do not need any special treatment for achieving good results. They are very easy to use. Just apply three coats over a Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 05. With this group of glazes, you do not have disappointing results if you fired slow or fast, and it does not matter what you fire next to it. You just have to make sure to fire to a witness Cone 05. These glazes are perfect for the classroom especially where application by young children may be uneven.

Firing Special Lead/Cadmium Reds and Oranges
LG-53, LG-56, and LG-66 are lead/cadmium red glazes. Brilliant Red, Orange, and Yellow glazes belong to a family of ceramic products, which are traditionally temperamental. To insure the ultimate in color development from AMACO LG-53, LG-56, and LG-66, be very careful that these glazes are not over-fired. Their limit is Cone 06 (1830°F, 999°C), preferably by cone observation. If other means of end point measurement are used, please verify the accuracy of such devices by comparing them to cones. This type of glaze must be applied heavily -- about twice as thick an unfired coat as is usually necessary for more conventional glazes. These products must be applied to bisque ware that has been fired to a mature Cone 04 (1940°F, 1060°C).

An important factor in the success of these glazes is the need for a fast firing (3-4 hours) to no higher than Cone 06 (1830°F, 999°C) and their requirements of generous air supply during firing. The kiln should be stacked with plenty of air space around the pieces to permit circulation. Do not crowd the kiln. Fire with peepholes left open during the entire firing cycle. Sometimes the door of the kiln may be left ajar, anything to assure a plentiful oxygen supply.

Finally, the proximity of copper green glazes will adversely affect the red glazes. Pieces with green-colored glaze should be kept as far removed as possible from the red glazes. When all of these points of advice are carefully observed, we are confident that the brilliant results expected of AMACO products will be achieved.

The three White gloss glazes from Amaco offer a variety of finishes when fired. DG-11 Deco White fires to a pure white, LG-11 fires white, and F-11 White fires to an off-white.

All LG Series glazes are lead free in liquid and dry form except LG-9, 53, 56, and LG-66.

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