North Star Stainless & Standard Extruder Dies

All dies are made of 1/2 inch thick polyethylene, which is extremely wear-resistant and completely non-contaminating.
Accessory Die Set Basic Die Set Octagons & Stars
Large Coil Die Large Solid Die Small Solid Die Small Round Hollow Large Round HollowSmall Square Hollow Large Square Hollow Small Hex Hollow Large Hex Hollow Z-Brace Blank Die  Two Separate Coil Dies
Shaped Coil Die Die Mask
Hollow Octagon Die Small Hollow Octagon Die Medium Hollow Octagon Die Large
Hollow Star Die Small Hollow Star Die Medium Hollow Star Die Large
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Ovals & Triangles  Tile Accessory Set Hearts & Diamonds
Hollow Oval Die Small Hollow Oval Die Medium Hollow Oval Die Large
Hollow Triangle Die Small Hollow Triangle Die Medium Hollow Triangle Die Large
Fancy Flat Top Bar Die Round Top Trim Die Concave Trim Die #1 Concave Trim Die #2
Fancy Convex Bar Die Scalloped Top Bar Die Fancy Hollow Dome Die
Hollow Heart Die Small Hollow Heart Die Medium Hollow Heart Die Large
Hollow Diamond Die Small Hollow Diamond Die Medium Hollow Diamond Die Large
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Round & Square Scallop Die Set Coil Builder's Die Set Triple Rope Handle Die Set
Hollow Round Scallop Die Small Hollow Round Scallop Die Medium Round Hollow Scallop Die Large
Hollow Square Scallop Dies Small Hollow Square Scallop Dies Medium Hollow Square Scallop Dies Large
Coil Builder's Die #1 Coil Builder's Die #2 Coil Builder's Die #3
Coil Builder's Die #4 Coil Builder's Die #5 Coil Builder's Die #6
Triple Rope Handle Die Small Triple Rope Handle Die Medium Triple Rope Handle Die Large
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Double Rope Handles Die Set  Half-Round Rope Handles Die Set Braid Ropes Die Set
Double Rope Handles Die Small Double Rope Handles Die Medium Double Rope Handles Die Large Half-Round Rope Handles Die Small Half-Round Rope Handles Die Medium Half-Round Rope Handles Die Large Braid Ropes Die Small Braid Ropes Die Medium Braid Ropes Die Large
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U-Shaped Tray Die Set  Square Tray Die Set Flared Tray Die Set
U-Shaped Tray Die Small U-Shaped Tray Die Medium U-Shaped Tray Die Large Square Tray Die Small Square Tray Die Medium Square Tray Die Large Flared Tray Die Small Flared Tray Die Medium Flared Tray Die Large
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Tile Trim Die Set  Geometric Shapes & Handle Dies  Individual Dies & Accessory Items
Inside Corner Outside Corner Tile Trim Geometric Shapes Die Tile Strap Die Handle Die
2" Hollow Round Die 2" Hollow Square Die 2" Hollow Hex Die
Blank Z-Slot Die Die Mask Blank Die
Z-Brace Bead Brace 
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