Bluebird Clay Mixers

Bluebird Clay Mixers   Manufacturers of the finest Clay Mixing equipment in the industry.  Bluebird presents two classes of stainless steel clay mixers.
Bluebird Clay Mixers
12 Mixer
24S Mixer
Bluebird 12 Mixer Bluebird 24S Mixer
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1/3 hp motor 11/2 hp motor
50 lbs. batches 150 lbs. batches
Bluebird Accessory
Mixer Stand
for Model 12
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Bluebird 12 Mixer
Small Clay Mixer
Bluebird 12 Mixer
Motor 1/3 hp 115v 1 ph
Capacity 50 lbs. wet
Hopper Opening 15" x 181/2" x 16"
Dimensions 15"L x 283/4"W x 24"H
Shipping Weight 130 lbs. 
Modeled after the larger 24S Mixer, featuring the same stainless blade design and mixing action.  Inclined bucket for easy loading and unloading.  Safety on/off switch stops mixing action when cover is lifted.  Mixer holds 30-40 lbs. dry weight.  Pictured with optional wheel stand for height and mobility.  1 year warranty.  For optional wheel stand click here.
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Code: BL12M
Bluebird 24S Mixer
Large Clay Mixer
Bluebird 24S Mixer
Motor 11/2 hp 208, 230 1phase or 3 phase
Capacity 150 lbs. wet
Hopper Opening 24" x 27" x 21"
Dimensions 42"L x 44"W x 30"H
Shipping Weight 425 lbs. 
A heavy-duty mixer designed to mix clay rapidly and efficiently and to recycle scrap clay.  The 24S features a three position stainless steel dumping hopper with full coverage lid to reduce clay dust while mixing.  Safety micro-switch stops blade action when lid is raised to protect against personal injury.  Drive system is totally enclosed for safety and utility with an extra seal between bearing and mixer bucket to protect bearing from moisture and clay.  Six to ten minutes practical mixing time at 150 lbs. per batch, up to 1800 lbs. per hour of wet clay(based on 110 lbs. dry batch weight).  1 year warranty.  There is a $95.00 crating charge.
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Code: BL24S