Minnesota Clay Co. USA Material Safety Data Sheets
Minnesota Clay Co. USA's Glazes
You can download the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the products we sell by selecting the product links below. SDS are in Adobe Acrobat format, you can download this program by going to Adobe and downloading the free Acrobat Reader.
Complete MSDS List of MN Clay Glazes Complete List Download
G-Series Glazes
Complete G-Series G-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Gloss White G2 Download
Lemon G3 Download
Spearmint G4 Download
Burgundy G5 Download
Midnight Black G6 Download
Grape G7 Download
Grasshopper G8 Download
Dark Forest G9 Download
Turquoise G10 Download
Sky Blue G11 Download
Teal Blue G12 Download
Georgia Peach G13 Download
Deep Blue Grey G14 Download
It' a Boy G15 Download
Hershey Bar Brown G16 Download
Deep Red Brown G17 Download
Walnut Brown G18 Download
Deep Lilac G19 Download
T-Series Glazes
Complete T-Series T-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Clear T1 Download
Yellow Gold T2 Download
Sun Yellow T2 Download
Buckskin T4 Download
Umber T5 Download
Royal Blue T6 Download
Olive T7 Download
Raspberry T8 Download
Pumpkin T9 Download
Cherry T10 Download
Bright Yellow T11 Download
Black T12 Download
Plum T13 Download
Light Blue T14 Download
Aqua T15 Download
Grassland T16 Download
M-Series Glazes
Complete M-Series M-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Mist Gray M1 Download
Metallic Slate M2 Download
Porcelain M3 Download
Butterscotch M4 Download
Faience Blue M5 Download
Danish Green M9 Download
Seal Brown M10 Download
HG-Series Glazes
Complete HG-Series HG-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Soft White HG1 Download
Dark Blue HG2 Download
Light Blue HG3 Download
Second Hand Rose HG4 Download
Iron Red HG5 Download
Copperhead HG6 Download
Gloss White HG7 Download
Light Rust HG11 Download
Metallic Green HG12 Download
Banana HG13 Download
Oil Spot HG14 Download
Light Beige HG16 Download
BT-Series Glazes
Complete BT-Series BT-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Clear BT1 Download
Mauve Red BT2 Download
Purple BT3 Download
Fool's Gold BT4 Download
Aqua BT7 Download
Royal Blue BT8 Download
Teal BT9 Download
Robin's Egg Blue BT10 Download
Heavy Rust BT11 Download
Black BT12 Download
Citrus Burst BT13 Download
Dragon's Breath BT14 Download
Bright Yellow BT15 Download
Violet BT16 Download
HM-Series Glazes
Complete HM-Series HM-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Matte White HM1 Download
Manzarine Blue HM2 Download
Waxy Black HM4 Download
Straw Tan HM5 Download
Slate Green HM10 Download
SG-Series Glazes
Complete SG-Series SG-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Creamy Caramel SG1 Download
Nebula SG2 Download
Blue Ice SG3.1 Download
New Albany Brown SG4 Download
Celestial Blue SG5 Download
NG-Series Glazes
Complete NG-Series NG-Series Download
Name Product Code Download SDS
Midas' Touch NG1 Download
Sea Mist Green NG2 Download
Blue Gray Speckle NG3 Download
Sapphire Blue NG4 Download
Blue Jean NG5 Download
Red Planet NG6 Download
Blueberry NG7 Download
Sage NG8 Download
Caribbean Green NG9 Download
Espresso NG10 Download
Sandstorm NG11 Download
Floating Blue NG12 Download
Avocado Float NG13 Download
Charcoal NG14 Download
Mint Texture NG15 Download
Metallic Black NG16 Download
Aurora NG17 Download
Tarnished Brown NG18 Download
Speckled Ivory NG19 Download