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Minnesota Clay Rainbow Air-Dry Clay

Our Rainbow Air-Dry Clay is a self hardening clay that has no need to be cured in an oven or a kiln. It is available in 8 colors which may be blended together to make intermediate colors. Suitable for slab, coil or even wheel-thrown projects. May be finished with paint, stain, or with gloss fixatives. It will completely harden in a few days and is not food safe or good for containing liquids. The Rainbow Kit has one pound samples of colors shown below. The Rainbow Big Kit has ten pound samples of the color shown below.
Our Rainbow Air-Dry Clay is AP (Non-Toxic)

Red Rainbow Sample Green Rainbow Sample Blue Rainbow Sample Yellow Rainbow Sample
Red Green Blue Yellow
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Black Rainbow Sample Orange Rainbow Sample Bright White Rainbow Sample Gray Rainbow Sample
Black Orange Bright White Gray
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Cream Rainbow Sample Rainbow Kit Sample Rainbow Big Kit Sample  
Cream Rainbow Kit Rainbow Big Kit  
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