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Minnesota Clay Ceramic Starter Kit

New to Ceramics?  This is a great deal on a starter kit for beginning students and hobbyists. Kit includes The Complete Potter (a best selling book full of illustrations and pictures),Kemper Tool Pottery Kit, Kemper Ceramic Tool Kit and a wool sponge.  Plus 5 lbs. free samples of Minnesota Clay Earthenware or Stoneware clay. In the earthenware package you get 5 lbs. of our Red Earthenware and 5 lbs. of our White Earthenware clays. In our stoneware package you get 5 lbs. of our Number 2 Stoneware (red) and 5 lbs. of our Number 3 Stoneware (white).

Earthenware Kit Stoneware Kit
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The Complete Potter
RB2 Potter's Rib S4 Steel Scraper WT6 Wood Modeling Tool Pro Needle Tool
K35 Wire Clay Cutter SPR Sponge LT5 Loop Tool 8R2 Ribbon Tool
Sea Wools Sponge SBR Sabre Saw K23 Clean-Up Tool AB Lace Tool COR Heavy Cut-Out Tool P5D Palette Knife SPD Salt & Pepper Drill Tool WLS Wire Loop Sgraffito Tool