Using Graffito

The principle behind Graffito Transfer Paper is exactly the same as carbon paper. Graffito sheets are embedded with a ceramic underglaze that will transfer to ceramic when drawn upon using a pen or a pencil. This means that everything from photographic newspaper images to original drawings can be transferred to ceramic.
Graffito is available in six colors: Black, Green, Blue, Teal, Brown and Rose. All colors except Rose can be fired from cone 06 to cone 8. Each sheet is a nine inches square. The sheets are flexible enough to be used on thrown or cast ware. However the medium is ideally suited for flat items like tiles, plates and trivets.
Layer Order
Here are the basic steps:

1. Select a piece of artwork, preferably on lighter weight paper that you would like to transfer to your ceramic piece. Appropriate materials for artwork include: newspaper images, photocopies or computer printouts of images.

2. Trim a strip of Graffito paper to the size of your artwork.

3. Lay the Graffito paper on your ceramic piece. Either side of the paper will work.

4. Lay the artwork over the Graffito paper. (You can use several pieces of transparent tape to secure your artwork and Graffito to the ceramic piece while you do your tracing).

5. Trace the artwork through the Graffito on to ceramic using a ball-point pen or pencil.
Peal off GraffitoFired Blue Graffito Green Car
Teal Stature of Liberty
Above: Tiles decorated with Graffito
Tips: Use a colored pen or pencil, if you are using a black and white image, it will contrast with the background and give you a better idea of where you have marked.

A sharp pencil point will create the finest line.