Minnesota Clay Co. USA Technical Info - Using Potter's Slip

Minnesota Clay USA introduced Potter's Slip in 1996. It is most frequently used to slip trail a nice raised decoration directly on to greenware. Lesser known, but equally pleasant, is its ability to be brushed on to greenware for other effects. This article covers two techniques: Sgraffito and Paper Resist. Sgraffito is a technique that involves applying a layer of slip to leatherhard or softer greenware. The slip layer is allowed to set up, then the potter uses a tool sometimes cryptically known as a sgraffito tool, to cut through that fresh layer of slip, revealing the underlying contrasting color of the clay. It's really easier than that, here are some pictures.
Slip Application Applying a nice thick coat of slip to a hand-pressed greenware tile.
Creating a paper stencil from numbers generated on the computer and printed on plain paper. Of course most sgraffito is done as a freehand decoration, but these tiles are going on the house to help guide the fire department, police and most importantly the Pizza Central guy - so I want them to be legible from the street. Creating Paper Stencil
Tracing Stencil Tracing the stencil on to the dried layer of slip.
Carving through the slip using Kemper 6" Wire Loop Sgraffito (catalog number KTWLS) Carving through the Slip
Ready for the Kiln!  The new house numbers, ready for the kiln! Once bisque-fired, the tiles will be clear glazed and fired to cone 8.
The completed project, fired to cone 8. Blue Potter's Slip. Completed Sgraffito Project
Paper Resist is a technique which involves applying paper cut-outs to your clay, coating your piece with slip, then once dry, removing the paper cut-outs to reveal your artwork. Using our house number tile concept, the steps are as follows:
Applying Paper ResistPressed Paper Resist
Using a brayer or a straight-edge, press your paper cut-outs firmly into the clay.
Coated with Slip Brush a thick coating of Potter's Slip over the tile.
Once dry, peel back the paper revealing the paper resisted areas. These tiles will now be bisqued and then glaze fired at cone 8. Peel Paper Resist
Completed Paper Resist Project The finished tiles - glazed and fired to cone 8. Turquoise Potter's Slip.