Minnesota Clay Co. USA Technical Info - Choosing a Clay Body

To select a clay body you will need to identify:
1. The maximum temperature that your kiln is capable of.

Do not choose a clay that requires a glaze firing temperature that exceeds your kiln's maximum temperature.

2. What kind of item do you want to make?

If you want to make thick sculptural/architectural pieces you should select a clay that contains grog and/or fireclay. These clays include, #1 w/ grog, Raku, Red and White Scupture and Northern Light.


Small to medium sized handbuilt items can be made from the full range of clays.


Thrown items can be made from a wide variety of clay bodies. Porcelains require some practice in order to throw successfully, stonewares and earthenwares are good for beginning through expert throwers and sculpture clays are too coarse for many throwers.

3. Choose a Clay Body that will allow you to use the glaze colors that you like.

Earthenware Glazes tend to have brighter colors than Stoneware Glazes, although we have "BT- Bright Transparent" stoneware glazes that are similar to earthenware glaze colors.

4. Think About the Function of the pieces you want to make.
Functional items that are likely to see much handling, dishwashing, microwaving, and/or oven use should be made from clays that have good fired durability. These clays include Minnesota Clay Stonewares and Porcelains. Earthenware Clays can be used for functional ware as well but the items are less chip resistant than higher fire clays. Outdoor sculptural items can be made from our Sculpture clays when fired to cone 1. Indoor sculptural items can be made from any of our clays.
5. What Fired Clay Color would you like?
Even when clay is covered with glaze, it will have an impact on the color of the glaze. Our clays are divided into three main color categories: White, "Red" (Brown) and "Buff" (light tan).
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