Multi-Head Haké Brushes

Similar to flat Haké brushes but with a series of small, round bamboo handles designed to hold more hair than flat wooden handles. Brushes are thick and hold a lot of liquid while remaining soft and flexible.
    Description Code
Buy Now 3 Stems 1"W Brush 3 Stems 1"W Brush BRBH3
Buy Now 6 Stems 1-7/8"W Brush 6 Stems 17/8"W Brush BRBH6
Buy Now 8 Stems 2-1/2"W Brush 8 Stems 21/2"W Brush BRBH8
Buy Now 10 Stems 3-1/4"W Brush 10 Stems 31/4"W Brush BRBH10
Buy Now 12 Stems 3-7/8"W Brush 12 Stems 37/8"W Brush BRBH12
Buy Now 16 Stems 5-1/2" W Brush 16 Stems 51/2" W Brush BRBH16