MKM Decorating Discs

15" Decorating Disc Even Side

15" Decorating Disc Odd Side
  Benefits of the MKM Decorating Disk™:
● Make Square, rectangular, or other shaped plates quickly and with ease.
● Use it to guide your patterns with glaze or slip decoration.
● Line up handles and spouts perfectly every time – in seconds.
● Alter the rim of bowl in 3rds, quarters, whatever and be right on every time.
● Mark your bats and templates accurately and quickly.

MKMDD15: Each unit piece includes the following: Two 15 inch MKM Decorating Disks™, one for even divisions and one for odd divisions in a thermally sealed plastic bag with a center hole at the top for hanging. The MKM Decorating Disk™ is patent pending. The 4 inch disk is similar to the 15 inch disk only smaller. It is especially useful for mugs, cups, small lids and other small items, and for decorating the interiors of bowls and plates.

15" Decorating Disc (per set)
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4" Decorating Disc (per set)
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4" Decorating Disc Even Side 4" Decorating Disc Odd Side
Odd Even Odd
Use your needle tool to mark the piece The secret is in the holes Square Plate Cutting
Using a needle tool to mark through the disk. The secret is in the holes. Hundreds of holes allow
marking through the disk
The MKM Decorating DiskTM makes cutting square plates a cinch