MKM Pottery Paddles

MKM paddles are made of a wood that is relatively light and not too thick so that their momentum doesn't carry them right through the wall of the pot. They are wide enough (4 inches) for rolling coils of clay on for handles, feet, and other attachment. They are also soaked in a heated oil mixture to make them very durable, yet still release from the clay. Some customers have even purchased the paddles in pairs so that they can roll coils between the paddles.
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Buy Now Small Paddle #1 (double-sided) Small Paddle #1 (double-sided) MKMSP1
Buy Now Starburst Paddle Starburst Paddle MKMSP5
Buy Now Small Paddle #2 (double-sided) Small Paddle #2 (double-sided) MKMSP2
Buy Now Large Paddle #1 (double-sided) Large Paddle #1 (double-sided) MKMLP1
Buy Now Large Paddle #2 (double-sided) Large Paddle #2 (double-sided) MKMLP2
Buy Now Inside/Outside Square Paddle Inside/Outside Square Paddle MKMLP4
Buy Now Overlapping Squares Paddle Overlapping Squares Paddle MKMLP5
Buy Now Basket Weave Paddle Basket Weave Paddle MKMLP6
Buy Now ZigZag Paddle ZigZag Paddle MKMLP7
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