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MKM Rigid Stainless Steel Ribs-Discontinued

MKM rigid stainless steel ribs are a miracle on smooth clays such as porcelains. The yield a beautiful surface to the clay, exert almost no drag on the clay wall, and never wear out, rot, or rust.

They work well on stoneware and other grogged clays as well, but they are more technical. In other words, the angle at which you hold the rib to the clay determines the texture on the surface of the clay. If the rib is held at an angle to the clay and trailing along the clay surface, then the surface of the clay will be smooth and compressed. If you hold the rib perpendicular to the clay wall, then the grog will be dragged along the surface of the clay and a rougher surface will result. This aspect of steel ribs holds for flexible ribs as well.
MKM Rigid Stainless Steel Ribs 
Product  Code Dimensions
Buy Now  Large Bowl Rib MKMS12B  6" x 37/8
Buy Now  Medium Bowl Rib MKMS12A 33/4" x 21/2