Throwing Rib

All the MKM Throwing Tools™ are handmade from beautiful hardwood and finished to resist water for a lifetime. Each rib head is made from the same wood, and is attached to the handle using a stainless screw, two washers, and a metal insert in the handle. The rib heads can be interchanged with other MKM Ribs, or rotated and then retightened. These tools are made to last a lifetime and to be of the very highest quality.
1) Low friction rib heads. Won’t torque walls.
2) Different sizes and shapes for different forms.
2) Forms the wall as desired through a very narrow opening.
3) Rib heads are interchangeable and replaceable.
4) Made to last a lifetime.

  Product Code Dimensions  
MKMT2 Throwing Tool Tall Jar Tool MKMT2 12" long Buy Now
MKMT3C Throwing Tool Medium Double Ended Throwing Tool MKMT3C 131/2" long Buy Now
MKMT3C Throwing Tool Large Double Ended Throwing Tool MKMT3D 191/2" long Buy Now