Mudtools Starter Kit

So many clay tools! Where does a potter start? We’ve been asked countless times which tools would we recommend to start with, so we think we came up with a good solution. The clay heads here at Mudtools have gathered together what we feel are the indispensable basics:

•  3 Polymer Ribs: R1, Y2, G4

•  1 Mudshark

•  1 Green Standard Cut-off wire

•  1 Stainless Long Scraper Rib (12 teeth)

•  1 Small Shredder

•  1 Do•All Trim Tool

•  1 Mudsponge –  Blue Workhorse

All neatly boxed up for you! $85 worth of Mudtools!
Perfect for schools, workshops or anyone new to Mudtools!

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Mudtools Mudshark

First of all, this tool is just cool to look at. The Mudshark is designed to combine the two tools most commonly used when throwing pots: a needle tool to trim the rim at the top and a fettling knife to cut away the waste at the base. Like a real shark, the Mudshark needle is sharp and will bite, so we designed it to fold away when you don’t need it. Safety first! Your fingers will thank you.
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Mudtools Dragtool

When Michael visited potters in Japan he observed that it was common for them to pull, rather than push, their carving tools through the clay. The dragging motion allowed for less friction and a fluid cut. For years Michael has made a variety of Japanese-style carving tools for his own use and he’s spent A LOT of time carving on clay. Made of high carbon steel and tempered to be very hard, the Dragtool is designed to grace the hand and make a fluted mark in the clay. One end cuts a wider flute than the other. Whether you draw a long fluted line or chip away at the clay, the texture looks beautiful under a celadon or any glaze that breaks on the surface.
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Mudtools Bull's Tongue

101/4" in length by 21/4" in width.
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Mudtools Do•All Trim Tool

Japanese Inspired & Reimagined As the name implies, we think this ceramic trim tool does it all. Since his first visit to Japan in the 80′s, Michael has spent years altering and remaking his own Japanese style trimming tools to suit his various needs. These efforts have all combined into the elegant versatile pottery tool you see here. The sharpened more familiar spade shape provides an excellent precise cutting edge, especial for working the details around the foot of tea bowls, bowls and plates. The curl, provides both a broad surface for smoothing and a tight shape for detail trimming. We hope you enjoy discovering all the possibilities this tool provides.
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