HG5 Iron Red Glaze

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HG5-11# HG5 IRON RED GLAZE 5-8$10.9500 $0.00 Yes
HG5-2525# HG5 IRON RED GLAZE 5-8$152.9500 $0.00 Yes
HG5-55# HG5 IRON RED GLAZE 5-8$40.9500 $0.00 Yes
HG5GHG5 IRON RED GLAZE 5-8 GALLON$72.9500 $0.00 Yes
HG5PHG5 IRON RED GLAZE 5-8 PINT$13.9500 $0.00 Yes

Name HG5 Iron Red Glaze
Description Our HG5 Iron Red glaze is an opaque glossy cone 6 glaze that fires from Cone 5 to Cone 8. It is available in liquid and dry form.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 5-8, 2165-2280° F
Color Brick Red
Qualities Opaque and Glossy
Clay Body Porcelain Clays & Stoneware Clays
Other Information Leadless. This glaze is labeled CL in liquid and dry form.
Mixing Instructions Click here for Mixing Instructions