NG1 Midas' Touch Glaze

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NG1-11# NG1 MIDAS' TOUCH GLAZE 6-9$11.9500 $0.00 Yes
NG1-2525# NG1 MIDAS' TOUCH GLAZE 6-9$179.9500 $0.00 Yes
NG1-55# NG1 MIDAS' TOUCH GLAZE 6-9$43.9500 $0.00 Yes

Name NG1 Midas' Touch Glaze
Description Our NG1 Midas' Touch is a semi-gloss gold metal color with black breaks that fires Cone 6-9. Add 2 coats for more black color.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 6-9, 2228-2332° F
Color Gold/Black
Qualities Opaque and Semi-Matte
Clay Body Porcelain Clays & Stoneware Clays
Other Information Not Food Safe. Not for use on functional work.


Contains Manganese
Proper kiln ventilation is required to maintain a healthy working environment free from harmful manganese fumes.
Mixing Instructions Click here for Mixing Instructions