NG19 Speckled Ivory Glaze

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NG19-11# NG19 SPECKLED IVORY GLAZE 5-9$15.5000 $0.00 Yes
NG19-2525# NG19 SPECKLED IVORY GLAZE 5-9$317.9500 $0.00 Yes
NG19-55# NG19 SPECKLED IVORY GLAZE 5-9$69.9500 $0.00 Yes

Name NG19 Speckled Ivory Glaze
Description Our NG19 is a gloss glaze that is white with black specks and fires Cone 5-9.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 5-9, 2165-2332° F
Color White with Black Speckles
Qualities Opaque and Glossy
Clay Body Porcelain Clays & Stoneware Clays
Other Information Leadless. This glaze is labeled AP in liquid form and CL in dry form. Click on the link below for an interpretation of the labels.
Mixing Instructions Click here for Mixing Instructions