Tile Setters & Bead Rack

Orton Vertical Tile Setters
Orton’s tile setters hold tile and plates in a vertical position; used in pairs and holds seven plates or tiles. Great for applying decals and decorating. Tested by Orton to cone 6. Nest for easy storage when not in use. 7” long. Sold only in a pair.
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Buy Now Orton Vertical Tile Setters Orton Vertical Tile Setters ORVTS

Bead Rack
Bead rack for macramé beads. Rods are 10” long; rack ends are 8” high x 4” wide. Good to cone 6. Six rods total.
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Buy Now Bead Rack with rods KASBEAD
Buy Now Replacement Rods set of 6 KASROD10
Buy Now Replacement Rods (cone 10) KTCBBH

Plate Rack
Unique plate rack allows for stacking 4-6 high, depending on your form. Set of 3.
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Buy Now Plate Rack Plate Rack KASTPR